Contouring With W7 Cosmetics

Contouring is one of those things that I struggle to do. It too me before to find the right products, whether it be powder or cream, and the right shade. W7 is a brand that I have known of for years but never thought of them when it comes to contouring. The Captain Matte Foundation*, Chunky Bronzer* and Chunky Cheeks* make contouring and creating that flawless base easy! Hopefully I am on my way to creating that Kimmy K Contour! 
Contouring With W7 Cosmetics
Contouring With W7 Cosmetics
Swatched from Left to Right, Captain Matte in the lighest shade, Chunky Bronzer and Chunky Cheeks

Captain Matte is a wonderful foundation but I am gutted that it is slightly too dark for me at the moment but if I was to fake tan this would be the perfect shade! This foundation applies really well when I used my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush and I was left with a medium matte coverage. I found that this foundation latest pretty well without disappearing and my main love about this foundation is that is doesn't sit in my pores or lines which is wonderful! Because it doesn't sit in my pores, I found I didn't have to use primer which saves me a step when I am rushing to get out the door. 

Chunky Cheeks in Paris is that perfect barbie pink cheek shade. I prefer to wear this sheered out and apply to the apples of my cheeks. This gives such a nice colour and slight glow to the face - I love it. If you do want to wear this intensive you can really build up the colour (would be perfect if you was going to be a Doll or something for this Halloween). This lasted so long on the cheeks because it is a cream product too. 

Chunky Bronzer is my favourite out of the three, I got the shade Hawaiian Bronze. As I am pretty new to contouring this product did look very scary but I didn't need to be worried. I applied it to the sides of my forehead, chin, slightly to jaw line and to my cheeks (when you make that beautiful fish face). This blends so easily which is a must when it comes to contouring. Even though this is very pigmented with lots of blending and slowly building my the colour I was able to achieve a pretty good first contour.I'm not going to lie, I cannot get on with cream products but this is completely changed that for me. I found it applied as if it was powder and left amazing on the skin. I had no idea where to contour at first because I have a big head but I found this image below and it helped me massively - thank you Pinterest! 

Contouring With W7 Cosmetics
Places I contour

I loved how well these three products worked together and helped me great that contour. Although I am not perfect at contouring yet, I am going to keep practising until I get it right on a daily basis and I know I will be using these products! I would recommend these if you are knew to contouring like me but if you could only purchase one of these three products, I would say go with Chunky Bronzer as it is my favourite. 

Are you good at contouring? Leave your tips below, I would love to hear them!

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