La Roche Posay Effaclar 3 Step Anti-Blemish System

La Roche Posay is one of my favourite skincare brands, whenever my skin is having a freak out I always turn to Effaclar Duo+ and it always gets my skin back under control. So when I heard about the new Effaclar Three Step System* I knew it was something I needed to try. Within this system is three products (all of which are full size), we have the Effaclar Cleansing Gel 125ml, Effaclar Duo+ 40ml and currently exclusive to this system is the Effaclar Clarifying Toner 200ml. This three system a anti-blemish system, clearer skin or your money back! Its safe to say if I had purchased this I wouldn't be needing my money back...
La Roche Posay Effaclar 3 Step Anti-Blemish System
La Roche Posay Effaclar 3 Step Anti-Blemish System
The first step in this system is cleansing. I had to make sure I had removed all of my make up before I used this in the evenings as isn't recommended to be used around the eye area. I find cleansers to be  very hit or miss when it comes down to how clean they make my skin feel and this cleanser is definitely a hit! I use this cleanser morning and evening, I squeeze a small amount into my hands and then work it into my face, avoiding my eye area, in circular motions to active the foaming. To rinse the cleanser I just splashed warm water on my face as I didn't want to rub it too hard. My skin was left feeling the cleanest its ever felt, as if it had removed all dirt and impurities. I find cleansing to be the most important step, it's all well and good using toners and spot treatments but if your skin isn't clean other products aren't going to do their job to their best ability.

The clarifying toner is a new product from La Roche Posay and is exclusive to this system which is the second step in the system. I love this product and will be repurchasing this set for this product alone. Its aim is to refine the look of pores and it really does the job. I have quite large pores around my nose and since using this they have improved noticeably. What I love about this toner compared to other toners I have used is that it leaves a matte finish, with some toners I find I have to use a towel to mattify my skin before I apply my make up but with this one it is perfect. I found that this really helped with my redness, I have a lot of discolouration and this helped neutralise it before I applied my foundation.

And finally we have the Effaclar Duo+, if you are a long time reader of Hannah Heartss, you would have already seen my review on this about how much I love this. I suffer with pretty bad acne in that I get painful lumps which can last anywhere from 5 days to two months and normally leave behind horrible marks and discolouration. This product is the best one I have ever used when it comes to spots. I always notice results within 24 hours which no product I have ever used has done before. All of the marks that get left behind always fade away whenever I use this product, my skin normally hates it when I stop using it so I have to remember to keep applying this daily so I can keep my clear skin. If you want to read about this in more detail with before and after pictures you can check out my post about it here.

Since using all three of this products together I have noticed a big improvement in my skin and I would recommend this if you have acne and can't find the perfect combination of products to get your skin get back to being clear again. I will have to repurhase this soon because I don't think I can be without it any more. This kit retails for £32.50 and is available at Boots.

Have you tried this system before? What were your results like?

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