Real Techniques Mini Trio

Real Techniques has been one of my favourite brush brands for over a year, not only are they inexpensive they are great quality and do an amazing job. So when I heard that you could sign up to test beauty products for review, I quickly signed up and a couple of days later the Real Techniques Mini Brush Trio* popped through my letter box. Nothing makes me happier than miniature things (aren't they the cutest!). In this tiny trio we have the face brush, foundation brush and the shading brush which is actually tiny sizes of the On Location Set.
Real Techniques Mini Trio
Real Techniques Mini Trio
Real Techniques Mini Trio
The outer packaging is great as it can be reused, I love to leave the brushes in the little pouch whether I am popping them in my handbag for the day or for leaving them in my make up bag. It's so much better to leave these brushes in the little pouch as that way they won't get damaged and you won't end up with the excess product being left all over the inside of your handbag. Because these brushes are so tiny they are perfect for travel when you have limited space, each of the brushes are no longer than my middle finger - so cute! Though these brushes are tiny the quality as then compromised, they are still some of the softest brushes I have ever touched and do as good as a job as the full sizes do!

The mini shading brush with the purple handle is for your eye shadow, I find this brush perfect for applying base shades to my lids and also for applying a little highlight. You could also use his brush to add a little darker colour to your crease if you are in a hurry. This brush would be the perfect handbag edition for those evenings after work then you are heading straight out the door and you want to switch your eye look from day to night, just pop a little darker shadow to the outer crease and your good to go! 

The mini foundation brush with the golden handle is a brush that I don't actually like to use for my foundation (I leave that job for the trusty Real Techniques Expect Face Brush), I prefer to use this for my concealer whether it be under eye or for blemishes. This brush is great for getting a fuller coverage out of your concealer without it looking cakey. I'm not really one for reapplying my foundation in the evenings, I normally just reapply some concealer and set it with some powder so having this little brush in my handbag is great to cover up those blemishes that randomly appear!

Now onto my favourite brush from the trio, the mini face brush with the pink handle. This brush has so many uses so it is wonderful to leave in your handbag! I have used this brush for blending out my concealer, applying powder, blush and bronzer! I love that it has so many different uses which makes it great for travelling, I have no need to take four different brushes now, I can just take this little beauty! 

Real Techniques Mini Trio
As you can see from the picture above these brushes are tiny compared to the full sizes but they still do the same job just as well! I always found it such a hassle when I would go on days out with a tiny bag because the full sizes brushes didn't fit and I just has to risk that my make up would stay on all day but now I don't have to worry because I have these babies. 

These brushes are available from the Real Techniques website (which you can get them slightly cheaper from), Boots, Superdrug and Asda and they retail for £7.99. I would recommend these brushes if you struggle to fit the full sizes in your handbag or travel a lot!

Have you tried these brushes? What did you think of them? 

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*Sent for review. 


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