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REVIEW: Handirest + Giveaway

When it comes to painting my nails, I normally make a complete mess of my fingers and end up with nail polish all over my skin. Normally this isn't a problem as I just remove the excess in the morning while in the shower but more recently I have been painting my nails before heading out the door so I needed to try something new that would help me paint my nails a little better. Which is where Handirest*comes in. Handirest can be used for applying fake nails, painting your natural nails or for nail art, it will help steady your hands while keeping them comfortable. 

Handirest Review
Handirest Review
Handirest Review
Handirest Review
I love how it looks, with the beautiful hot pink colour and imprinted product name. Just from looking at this you would be able to tell what it is called and be able to find your own online which I love. The product itself is made from foam with is firm enough to keep your hands steady but spongy enough that it will keep your hands comfortable, it is the perfect mix. The aim of this product is to keep your hands steady during application while keeping them separated, comfortable and to have more control. What is also great about this product is that it fits both hands so you only need to buy one. The great thing about this product is that if you do end up making a bit of a mess, the nail polish will wipe clean and look as good as new! 

This did an amazing job at keeping my hands steady and comfortable. I just popped this on top of a pillow while I was watching some YouTube videos and I didn't end up with any nail polish on my skin. Because it kept my fingers separated I didn't end up smudging them like I normally do when my fingers get too close together. The only slight problem I had was when it came to paint my thumb nail, I couldn't get it to sit comfortably at first but after a couple of times I worked out the best way to sit my thumb when it came to painting. I found I had much more control whilst painting each nail and got a better coverage as I didn't have to worry getting nail polish everywhere and trying to keep my hands steady.

Handirest Review

All in all I would definitely recommend this if you struggle to keep your hands steady while painting your nails. The handirest retails for £9.99 and is available on Amazon. Now if only Handirest made one of these for my toes - that would be perfect! The lovely people over at Handirest have provided me with not one but THREE extra Handirest's to giveaway to you guys! You need to be living in the UK (sorry international readers, shipping is too high for me), if you are under the age of 16 please get permission before entering! Now all you have to do is fill out the widget below for your chance to win! The giveaway will be open for two weeks from today (will end on the 29th of October 2014) Good luck! 

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*PR Sample, Giveaway prizes provided by Handirest


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