The Sunday Pamper

Sundays are my day, I normally go make up free and have a good old pamper. Sundays should be everyone's day of pampering, what else can you do on a Sunday other than eat a yummy roast? I have been using some lovely products during my Sunday pampers and knew I had to share them with you. Even if you don't quite fancy a full on pamper today, there will be at least one product there that might take your liking to help you relax. 
Pamper Products
Zoella Lets Glow Candle
Zoella Fizz Bar
Sundays are the day that's take a long bath and catch up on TV Shows, I pop my iPad next to the bath and put on WWE Total Divas (My guilty pleasure at the moment) and I am set for an hour or so. Having a bath in the Winter is like heaven, sometimes you need a bath to warm up! Lush products are the stand outs when it comes to baths but I am yet to stock up on the Christmas stuff! The Zoella Bath Fizz is one of my favourite bath products at the moment. Just snap of a chunk or two and pop it in they water and let it do it's magic. This bath fizzer creates a a milky texture to the bath and some small bubbles. Not only does this make your water lovely, it releases a lovely fresh scent that lasts the whole duration on my baths. 

While I am in the bath catching up on programmes, I love to do a face mask. I am currently using the Avon Clearskin Pore Penetrating Black Mineral Mask and getting great results. This mask really helps get rid of my breakouts and helps minimize my pores. I leave this face mask on for around 15 minutes, where it will turn from black to grey and dry like any clay based mask will. Even though this mask does dry, it doesn't dry out my skin! I try to always make sure I use a face mask at least once a week to keep those spots away! 

There is nothing better than lighting a candle and having the room fill up with a beautiful fragrance. I am currently loving the Zoella Let's Glow Candle. This gives off a great fresh scent, perfect for popping on the side of your bath while you relax or having on in your bedroom for those cosy afternoons in bed. I love lighting candles all year but especially in the colder months as they really help me relax and feel all cosy. 

Weekends are the days when I always paint my nails as am busy during the week and just don't find the time to paint them and sit still while they dry. I love the nail colours for this time of year, my favourite at the moment is OPI Lincoln Park After Dark. This shade from a far looks black but is actually a stunning dark purple. Theses shades that look black but are actually a blue, purple or red are my favourite. OPI is one of my favourite nail polish brands because not only are they some of the most pigmented nail polishes, I find that they hardly chip even without top coat which is always a plus! 

To end my pamper, I take care of my feet. Ewww feet, I hate them but there is nothing worse than disgusting feet (vomit). I always slack when it comes to my feet but the one product I swear by when it comes to feet is the Soap and Glory Heel Genius. I apply a generous amount all of my feet and pop on a pair of socks and let it do it's magic. This makes my feet feel cool/minty which I really enjoy. Even after one application of this I notice a massive difference in my feet, they are so much smoother and softer - dry skin be gone! 

Do you like to have a Sunday pamper? What products do you use? 

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