Barry M Christmas Tree Nail Polish

This festive season, Barry M have brought out a range of glitter polishes perfect for the party season. Trying to track down my favourites was a bit of a pain as they are spread across stockists. I popped into Superdrug one day and stumbled across the polish from Barry M in the shade Christmas Tree and knew I had to have it. In my opinion, this is the best polish out of all of the Christmas ones released this year so if you can only pick up one, go for this one!
Barry M Christmas Tree Nail Polish
Barry M Christmas Tree Nail Polish Swatch
This stunning Christmas glitter polish is full of different sized green glitters with sliver stars and little red chevrons. You can really do whatever you like with this polish, have it on every nail on its own, over a polish or just as an accent nail. I have worn this on its own on all of my nails and it looked great. You can apply this thinly or do a couple of coats up the intensity. I liked to apply this by firstly dabbing it so that I could get all of the glitter pieces where I wanted them then once the first coat had dried I went in with a second thin layer. I know this is going to look stunning paired with a red polish, I think I will end up having this combination on my nails for the whole of December. 

I had this on my nails for a full five days before it started to chip which is great. Normally polishes, including glitter, chip on my nails within a day or two so for this polish to last for five days on me is incredible! The only problem I had with this polish was that, because I didn't apply a top coat the first time I found that the corners of the stars got caught on everything but once a top coat was applied I no longer had this problem. 

This polish retails for £3.99 from Superdrug, online and in store. It is limited edition so if you do want to get your hands on this, I would recommend getting this sooner rather than later! It is out of stock quite a lot online but I have been to a couple of different stores and have always found them to be in stock. 

Have you got your hands on this polish yet? What did you think of it?

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