Festive Lush Haul

With Halloween out of the way, I feel it is socially acceptable to start getting out the Christmassy items and listening to the good old Christmas music. Lush is one of my favourite brands for bath products but I only really shop there in the festive period because their Christmas items, I think, are a thousand times better than the permanent line. I know I will have to make another trip to Lush soon because I am going to need to purchase these before I run out!
Festive Lush Haul
An old favourite every year that I have to pick up is Candy Mountain, I actually picked up two of these because that's how much I love it. Candy Mountain is a bubble bar, that you crumble under the running water and it creates amazing bubbles and releases a stunning scent (think snow fairy and all things sweet) and turns the water a baby pink. This is only £2.75 each, I can normally get two baths out of each bubble bar which makes it better value for money.

I knew I had to pick up Northern Lights (the purple one), I had seen this in quite a few instagrams and knew I had to give it a try! This one is so different than any I have seen from Lush. This one is a bath bomb so it doesn't create bubbles but it turns your bath into a purple colour. This has little stars in so I can't wait to see what this one does! The scent of this, to me smells like a Lush shop which is heavenly. This bath bomb is a little more expensive at £3.50 but you can cut this in half and get two baths out of it. 

How cute is the Butter Bear! He is a little bath bomb which is enriched with cocoa butter to soften the skin. This smells amazing, scented like vanilla which is one of my all time favourite scents. This little cute thing is only £1.95 and I wish I had picked up a couple because I think I am going to fall in love with this! 

My mum was dying at how cute the Melting Snowman was so I just had to take him home with me. He is a bath melt which I have actually never tried before from Lush. I believe this soften the water and leaves the skin super moisturised. This one was only £2.25 and I cannot wait to use him. To me this smells like cola bottles which I think might just be me but I like it!

And finally I picked up the Dashing Santa bath bomb which is new for this year. This one is a very citrus-y scent which I think will be perfect for a Sunday morning. Lush really do make some cute bath bombs and this one is no different. Having seen the demo on the website I think this is going to turn my water an orangey red, I will report back with what happens! This one retails for £2.95. 

Will you be picking up anything from the Lush Christmas range? What have you got your eye on?

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