Five Christmas Gifts For Men

Finding gifts for the men in your life at Christmas is like the worlds hardest mission, at least for me. They never know what they want or they just won't tell you - how annoying! However I have found five gifts that I think any guy, no matter if they are a boyfriend, dad, uncle or Granddad, in your life would like up wrap under the tree this year! (Dad if your reading this click off now or your going to see some of your presents!)
Christmas Gifts For Men

The first gift is actually my favourite and it is from Ted Baker, this is the Personal Best Wash Bag Gift Set*. Not only does it come with this good quality wash bag, with two big compartments with little sections inside to put little bits and pieces, it actually comes with three products! It comes with the Green Body Spray, Green Hair and Body Wash and a wrapped soap! I think this would be perfect for the man who is always on the go! This gift set retails for £22 and is currently on the 3 for 2 offer in Boots and online. 
Christmas Gifts For Men
Shaving gift sets are a no brainer. Every guy needs to shave all year round so lets get them stocked up on all of the essentials! This gift set is from Nivea which I think is my Dads favourite brand when it comes to shaving products. This set includes a shaving gel and a post shave balm. I got this set from Tesco a little while ago on offer for about £3 so keep an eye out when your doing your food shop. This set is currently on offer on Superdrug for £6 down from £8. 
Christmas Gifts For Men
Technology cases are a great gift. My dad has an iPad mini and every year I get him a case or two because he just doesn't buy them for himself! I got these on such an incredible deal for about 66p each on eBay (this is the seller I purchased them from and I believe the deal is still on). These are on offer for buy two get one free and they are only 99p each! I think I am going to order some more for gifts! 
Christmas Gifts For Men
Next we have fragrance sets. There is two options for the men in your life, either a body spray or an after shave. The Lynx sets are always a good buy, whether they are for a teenager or your dad! This gift set from Lynx is currently on offer on Superdrug for 4.50 instead of £7! The second fragrance type gift set is any aftershave type present. I find a lot of the men in my life don't like to buy themselves fragrances so its a perfect Christmas gift! This one from David Beckham smells pretty good for a celebrity fragrance. My dad has gone through so many bottles of this stuff as he likes to wear it on a daily basis. You can grab this gift set for only £10

What are you going to be gifting the men in your life this festive season?

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