REVIEW: Lush Dashing Santa

If you saw my Lush haul, you could have seen all of the festive goodness that I picked up recently, Dashing Santa included. Dashing Santa is a bath bomb which means it is going to fizz around your bath releases a beautiful fragrance and turning your bath water a completely different colour. I was pretty impressed with this bath bomb and I'm not even a bath bomb fan really so that says something!
Lush Dashing Santa
Lush Dashing Santa
Lush Dashing Santa
How cute is he! This little cute thing is scented like satumas, very uplifting and refreshing which makes him perfect for a Sunday morning bath.I popped him in the bath when it was about half way filled and then the magic started. It took around 10+ minutes for the little Santa is dissolve in the water which I really liked, there is nothing worse than popping in a bath bomb and it being gone in seconds. As you can see from the second photo, it fizzed in such a pretty way making such nice patterns around my bath. Although he didn't quite dash around my bath, he is a little on the slow side, he did move around the bath creating pretty patterns as you can see in the third photo. While he is fizzing away he turns the water a orangey red colour, very festive but looks little strange if you just walked into the bathroom and saw it. It also creates a thin layer of foam over the top of the water which I really like as it makes my skin feel very soft and it did stick around for around half an hour while in the bath. 

You can really smell the orangey scent, it fills the room, when it came to getting out of the bath I did find that the scent slightly lingered on the skin which is fab! What I would do with this scent time is add a little bit of bubble bath to create some bubbles as it did feel a little strange to be sat in some red water towards the end. I was a little worried that it was going to stain my bath because it turned the water such a bright red/orange but it didn't (thank god). I would definitely recommend this if you are ending to Lush soon. This little beauty is only around until the end of the festive season and retails for £2.95. 

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