REVIEW: Lush Northern Lights

Christmas at Lush is my favourite time of the year because they have such amazing products and this year was no different. If you had seen my Lush Haul, you would have seen that I picked up the Northern Lights bath bomb, new for this year! Out of all of the bath products I purchased in that haul, I was most excited about Northern Lights, it just looked amazing and I couldn't wait to pop it in the bath and see what all the fuss was about!
Lush Northern Lights
Lush Northern Lights
Wow, how pretty is that! Northern Lights is purple and releases yellow and blue too when it starts to fizz away in the bath. The scent is gorgeous, I am not very good at describing scents, I would say it is on the floral side but isn't fake smelling, very natural which is perfect for relaxing in those cold winter evenings. Inside the bath bomb is little silver stars which then float around the bath. I decided to split the bath bomb into two, and I am so glad I did because I really wouldn't have needed the whole thing for one bath. With it being a bath bomb is doesn't create any bubbles.

Once I popped half into the water the magic started. It slowly started to fizz around the bath releasing a beautiful yellow and purple slight foam and the whole of the bath water turned the most beautiful purple. It took 10-15 minutes to fully dissolve and during that time it released the most beautiful scent. Not only was the water incredibly scented but the whole room was filled with the scent. Even long after I had got out of the bath the scent lingered on my skin which I really wasn't expecting! The scent and purple water stayed for the whole duration of the bath, pretty impressing lush! 

The only negative I have to say about this bath bomb is that is stained my bath. The whole bath was tinted pink and a massive pink stain was left at  the bottom of the bath. I have no idea why this happened but a bottle and a half of bleach later the staining is wrong. I doubt I will be using the second half at home unless I have bleach on hand. I have seen and read loads of reviews on this bath bomb and nobody has said that it stained their bath so I am not sure why this happened to mine. This bath bomb retails for £3.50 is only available for the festive season. 

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