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Coloristiq: Rent Your Nail Polish?

We can pretty much rent anything these days so it doesn't surprise me that you can now rent your nail polish! And I think it is a fabulous idea, the days are gone of half empty bottles of nail polish going gloopy and having to be binned or having a slightly larger collection with no place to store them. Coloristiq have a great subscription service where each month you can receive a box* of three nail polishes for three applications from each polish, two coats on each nail. Each box is £15.99 but if you sign up before Christmas Eve you can get your box for £9.99 which I think is a great deal. Stay tuned until the end if you want to find out how to get your first month free!
Coloristiq: Rent Your Nail Polish?
Coloristiq: Rent Your Nail Polish?
Coloristiq: Rent Your Nail Polish?
Coloristiq: Rent Your Nail Polish?
Swatched: Out Like a Light, Out Like a Light with Chillin' With My Snow-mies and De-Light

Coloristiq stocks some of the best quality nail polish brands, OPI, Essie, China Glaze and Morgan Taylor. I hope they add some more brands to the site for more selection. All three of my polishes are from China Glaze which is a brand I have never tried before and I am so glad to have finally given them a try. Out Like a Light is a dark grey which I love for this time of year, I actually had a polish from Essie similar to this that I loved but my mum smashed it so I am so glad to have a similar shade back in my life. Chillin' With My Snow-Mies is white snow effect glitter with different size glitters suspended in a clear polish. This is perfect for the festive season and would go with pretty much any nail colour. The final colour I got in my box was De-Light, a gold glitter with multicoloured glitters too. I love this polish so much and it went on my nails the second I got the box through the door. In the swatch above that was only two coats which I thought was incredible. You can apply this on its own or a thin layer over a colour polish. 

Currently for £9.99 I think it is a great deal. When you take into account postage and packaging costs (£2.80 to send the box each way which is included in the £9.99) the polishes are only £4.39 for all three for three applications from each bottle, of the shades you choose, which I think is amazing value for money! I cannot recommend this box enough if you are like me and have far too many nail polishes but still want to try more colours or if you don't have the storage space. If you want to get your first box free, all you have to do if place your order as normal then email info@coloristiq.com and mention the promo code Heartss1 and they will refund the first £9.99. 

Is this something you would sign up to?

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