Top Four Red Nail Polishes

Red nails for me are always a must wear during the festive period. I am rubbish at nail art so I like to stick to normal polishes that I can layer with glitter or look lovely on their own. These are my four favourite red nail polishes that I have in my collection, and trust me I have a lot of reds, and a lot of people think you only need one red but all four of these reds are different than the other yet all stunning and would look stunning on the nails at this time of year.
Top Four Red Nail Polishes
Red Nail Polish Swatches
Left to Right; OPI Big Apple Red, Butter London Chancer, Liz Earle Moment In Time and Nails inc Matte Polish in Gatwick.

Aren't they stunning. OPI Big Apple Red is a classic red and loved by so many. It is the perfect red with blue undertones and is one of the nail polishes I always go for if I don't know what to paint my nails. OPI is my favourite brand of nail polish because not only can you get maximum coverage with two coats, it lasts forever on my nails. I can go about five days before it starts to chip which is amazing for my nails. 

Butter London Chancer is a red with glitter running through. It looks textured in the swatch but it isn't, very smooth. This is the perfect Christmas nail colour and I can't believe I had forgotten all about my Butter London polishes! Butter London polishes don't really agree with my nails which tends it make it chip very quickly so I would recommend using a good base and top coat! 

Liz Earle Moment In Time has been on my nails a lot in the past month or so. Its a stunning deep red and Liz Earle polishes are where it's at. Application is so easy and I can get away with just one coat if I am in a hurry and the brush is amazing its wide so it makes applying it so much easier. Paired with a base coat this polish lasts forever on my nails. 

And finally we have Nails inc Gatwick nail polish. This is a matte formula which I love because it easier than having to apply a matte top coat, but if you do want it glossy you can just go ahead and apply for favourite top coat. Matte nail polishes tend to dry much quicker than normal ones which I prefer because I am too inpatient to wait for my nails to dry - I can't sit still. This is an orangey red which I am not a massive fan of normally but this one I like. Nails inc polishes always last forever on my nails are one of my favourite nail polish brands. 

What are your favourite red nail polishes? 

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