NV Colour Spiced Plum Chunky Lip Crayon

Dark lip colours has been one of my favourite beauty products in the past couple of months. I love how they change up the whole make up look and are perfect for the colder months or in the evenings. But I have been really struggling to find the right dark shades for me and this Spiced Plum Chunky Lip Crayon* from NV Colour has become a fast favourite and I have already got so much use out of it!NV Colour Spiced Plum Chunky Lip Crayon
NV Colour Spiced Plum Chunky Lip Crayon
NV Colour Spiced Plum Chunky Lip Crayon Swatch
The packaging is lovely and simple, the crayon is a twist up which is great as it saves having to hunt down a sharpener. On the bottom of the crayon has the shade colour and name on the bottom, which is good if you have a couple of these in different shades it makes it easier to hunt down the shade you are looking for. The cap of the crayon is one of my favourite parts of the packaging because it is clear again you can see the shade of the crayon which with other lip crayons never have clear caps! The crayon also has the brand logo and product name clearly displayed down the centre of the crayon. 

This is the shade Spiced Plum and it is the perfect dark lip for the winter months. It applies so easily and feels so light weight on the lips and almost like a lip balm. It feels very comfortable on the lips and stays like that all day. It is a plum shade but it has a blue undertone to it which makes it different than any other dark lip crayon that I own. This is a very pigmented lip crayon so you can either wear it for its full intensity or you can apply it sheered out and I have tried it both ways and really love both ways. It does last a good amount of time on the lips, at least 4 hours which is good for my lips. It does leave behind a little bit of a tint on the lips which is good if your going to be out all day and forget to touch up your lips. 

I really love this shade and the way it feels on the lips, these Chunky Lip Crayons are actually safe for eyes, lips and body so are multi-purpose which I think is pretty cool! These retail for £5. 

Have you tried these? What did you think?


*PR Sample


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