Tanya Burr Nail Polishes

Ever since I saw Tanya Burr release a range of beauty products, I knew I wanted to try them and see what all the fuss was about. I first the lip glosses as soon as they were releases and I can honestly say that they are one of my favourite lip gloss brands. Because of my love for the lip glosses, I thought I would love the nail polishes just as much. For Christmas I got the shades Midnight Sparkles and also New York Night.
Tanya Burr Nail Polishes
Tanya Burr Nail Polish Swatches
Swatched: Top is New York Night, Bottom is Midnight Sparkles

The packaging is pretty standard, nothing really makes it stand out than any of the other nail polishes I own. On the top of each bottle is a little heart, however one was actually a sticker and wasn't stuck on well and has actually peeled off since I got it at Christmas. In the middle of the front of the bottle has Tanya Burr in the brand font with a small heart. The brush of the nail polish again is pretty standard, pretty much the same as the original Barry M nail polishes and isn't too wide which I really wish it was as it makes application much easier.

Application wasn't easy, I found the brush very difficult to work with and it was very patchy. Definitely needed a good three coats to get the colour that was in the bottle with Midnight Sparkles however with New York Night I only needed two coats. Having tried both polishes a couple of times now I can honestly say that they have the worst drying time ever. I am not even joking when I say I painted my nails with New York Night and three hours later, still wasn't even touch dry! No matter how thin the coats I did they just never seemed to dry which is so disappointing. Thank goodness I have finally got Seche Vite otherwise I don't know what I would have done! 

Once I finally got my nails to dry, I was able to get about three days wear out of these polishes before they started to chip which I would put down to my top coat. The chips weren't small that I could leave it another day or so, they chipped about half of the nail on a couple of my nails.Once my nails did start to chip, I found that the rest of the polish peeled off pretty easily. 

I don't think I will pick up another shades of these Tanya Burr polishes but I will continue to use these shades as long as I have Seche Vite otherwise they will never dry! I am quite disappointed in these polishes considering how much I loved her Lip glosses. Sorry Tanya! These nail polishes retail for £5.99.

Have you tried these nail polishes? Was your experience different to mine?



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