Disney Wishlist #3: Cinderella Edition

My Disney obsession is so strong right now and I am finding so many beautiful cute things that I just simply need in my life. With the release of the new Cinderella live action movie brings so beautiful merchandise as well as a MAC collection. Along with some of the classic Cinderella products I have found so many Cinderella related goodness that just had to be shared with all you Disney lovers. 
Cinderella Wishlist

Slipper Ornament £75 // iPhone Case £17.95 // Limited Edition Tea Set £150 // MAC Eyeshadow Palette (coming this march) // Carriage Ornament £15 // Slipper Ornament £15 // Mug £10.95 // Cushion £8 // iPhone Case £2.79 // Lip Smacker Cane £7 // Tall Mug £10.95 // Carriage Bracelet Charm £45 // Compact Mirror £10 // MAC Lipgloss (coming this march // MAC Lipstick (coming this march) // 

 What's on your Disney wishlist?



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