REVIEW: Hot Hair Mermaid Ponytail

I have hair that is almost impossible to curl so when I heard about this Hot Hair Mermaid Ponytail*, I  knew I wanted to give it a try. I had seen Kirstie from A Yellow Brick Blog review it and it looked gorgeous in her hair which is why I actually wanted it in the first place! I had hair extensions years ago and really enjoyed them but I have never tried a ponytail.
Hot Hair Mermaid Ponytail
Hot Hair Mermaid Ponytail
I am in love with this ponytail. As I just mentioned my hair doesn't curl and I have never been able to get curls to last more than a couple hours in my hair. So I love that I now have this ponytail in my life! As you can see my hair is actually longer than the ponytail, I am getting it cut soon so it will be shorter than the ponytail length, but it still blends in with the curls and I honestly don't think you can tell that it isn't my hair as the colour match is perfect. I have the ponytail in the colour Cappuccino, I actually dye my hair with L'Oreal Excellence Creme in Natural Darkest Brown so if you dye your hair that colour this will be your perfect match! 

Putting it in my hair was super easy. To put it in your hair you insert the combs on the top of the ponytail to the top of your ponytail and wrap the section of hair around the top of your ponytail to hide the hairband and to make it look more natural. To secure the top of the hair wrapped around the top of the ponytail, it comes with two grips to secure the hair in place. And that is it, your done! I struggle to do things with my hair if I can't see the back but I found these so easy to put in my hair and I was able to do it in seconds and make it look good! 

Once I have put it in my hair it does feel a little bit heavy but after a few minutes I was completely used to it and it felt normal. My pony looks incredible, such beautiful curls and full of volume! It stayed in so well, you just have to make sure that the combs are put in correctly to ensure that it doesn't fall out throughout the day. I have worn this a couple of times and it still looks great, I just run my tangle teezer lightly through it before I put it on around my ponytail and it looks perfect! 

This Mermaid Ponytail retails for £25 but is currently on offer for £20! There is a good range of shades to choose from so there is bound to be one that matches your hair, if you are stuck on a shade to choose you send them a picture of your hair on their Facebook or Twitter and they will help you! 


*PR Sample


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