REVIEW: Sexy Silky Frizz Eliminator

My hair is abnormally long and with years of dyeing and using heat it isn't in the greatest condition. I am always on the hurt for a good hair oil or serum that will inject the moisture back into my hair while keeping my hair frizz free which is there the Sexy Silky Frizz Eliminator* comes in.
Sexy Silky Frizz Eliminator
The product itself is clear and on the thin side, making it perfect for thin/fine hair. I have pretty normal hair and needed at least four pumps of product to go through my ends, it is recommended that you use between one and three pumps in the ends of your hair. It doesn't have a scent at all which I was pretty disappointed with, I love when the scent lingers in my hair. It isn't sticky or greasy which I liked and didn't leave my hair feeling weighed down at all.

It did a great job at keeping the frizz away in all weather which I was so impressed with. I have quite a lot of split ends and it made my hair look so much healthier and the the shine it gave my hair was incredible. I have very long hair and it does look quite dull sometimes but this injected so much gloss to it. The only down side I have found with this product is that it didn't do anything with making my hair any softer or adding any extra hydration, I actually found my hair felt a little bit drier when I used these but I think it is because I have normal hair which is a little bit thicker. 

I think this would be perfect if you have very fine hair as it won't weigh down your hair and it will keep the frizz away while making your hair super glossy looking. This frizz eliminator retails for £17.95 but is currently on offer for £10.99 over at Hairtrade.

Have you tried this frizz eliminator? What did you think?


*PR Sample


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