REVIEW: Yankee Candle Peach Smoothie Tart

I think I have a Yankee Candle tart addiction. I have at least 20 sitting in my draw but I cannot stop buying them! The Simply Home tarts are slightly cheaper than the regular Yankee Candle tarts at around £1 rather than the £1.49. Each tart has around eight hours of scent kick off and I normally find them to have much better scent kick off than any of the jars I have tried from Yankee Candle.
Yankee Candle Peach Smoothie Tart
Peach Smoothie smells as you would think, like peaches. It is an extremely powerful sweet scent and is a very realistic peach scent. This is going to be an amazing summer scent, I can't wait to melt this on a summer day and feel even more summery! I believe this is a new scent for this year from Yankee Candle and it is also available in two jar sizes. 

The scent kick off from this little tart is incredible. This tart gave me well over the eight hours of scent kick off it was recommended to give. I found this tart filled the larger, more open, rooms in my house really well within around 20/30 minutes. When I had it on in my bedroom I found I only needed to have it on for about 20 minutes before my room was filled with a strong peachy scent. Even once I had turned off my burner the scent lingered around for an hour or so which I was really impressed with. I would say this scent is best in short bursts because it is so strong it can be a little bit overpowering if it is felt on for too long. 

I would definitely recommend this tart if you are looking for a new fruity scent. You can pick up Yankee Candle Simply Home scents from (I believe) ASDA and larger Tesco, in store and online.  

Have you tried Peach Smoothie? What did you think?



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