REVIEW: Yankee Candle Red Raspberry Tart

When I hear that there is new Yankee Candle scents being released, I have to have them. I pop out to a local garden centre to see the bunnies (if you follow me on instagram you would have seen these little cuties) and I came across a whole Yankee Candle section. I was in heaven. Before I had got there I already knew what scents I was wanted to try so when I saw them I quickly popped them into my basket and Red Raspberry was one of them.
Yankee Candle Red Raspberry Tart
This little red wax tart smells like all things raspberry, tangy and sweet. It is a beautiful fruity fragrance and I really love it. It smells exactly like it does in the tart when it is burning and when it begins to linger in your home. This scent is actually part of this years Valentines Day collection and has been released along side Pink Grapefruit, a review on that scent is coming soon, so I would imagine if you want this scent you will have to act quick because I believe it to be limited edition.

The first melt of this tart is pretty intensive and I actually had to switch my burner off after about 45 minutes because it was so strong which isn't exactly a bad problem to have! Even after I had switched off my burner the scent lingered for over an hour which I wasn't expecting but was very impressed with. After the first melt, the scent kick off wasn't as strong which I was a little bit disappointed with. The only way I would be able to smell the scent was to leave the room for a little while and come back to it. That problem aside I will still repurchase it because I still really enjoy it even if it has a slightly lighter scent kick of after the first melt. 

Red Raspberry wax tarts retail for £1.49 and is it also available in a rang of jar and tumbler size candles as well as tea lights. 

Have you tried Red Raspberry? What did you think of it?



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