Face B4 Review + Before and After Pictures

I have mentioned this many blog posts before but a lot of the time I have terrible skin. It can sometimes be very reactive, even products I have used for years, or I could have terrible dryness or massive breakouts. I have always struggled with keeping my skin clear of spots so when I was offered the chance to trial the Face B4 system* I knew I had to see why everyone loves it so much.
Face B4 Review
Face B4 Before and After Pictures
The type of breakouts I tend to have are lumps under the skin which can last for many weeks, even months, before they exit my face and are extremely painful. Until recently I would only get one at a time but in the past six months or so I can have up to four at a time. These spots always leave behind a lot of redness and a slight scar which I am never normally able to get rid of. I have tried all types of products to get rid of my acne, my doctor even put me on the pill for it a few years ago, and nothing was able to get rid of it and keep it away but that is where Face B4 comes in. Both of the products are antibacterial to clean the pores and reduce excess oil. 

Face B4 has a combined cleanser and toner as well as an after cleansing serum. These products can be used together morning and night, I only used it in the evenings for the first two weeks because my skin can be very reactive so I didn't want to jump straight in the deep end. The cleanser/toner comes out in a foam which you apply to wet skin and leave on for one minute. I love that it comes in a pump as it makes it so much easier to use when I am in a hurry! I found it best to apply this in the shower while I wash my hair so I do leave it on for the full minute. The serum is used after cleansing all of the skin, avoiding the eyes. In the reviews I had read before I started using the products a lot of people complained about the smell, I didn't find it to be strong or off putting at all - I actually quite like it! 

Week One

I noticed a big reduction in the redness around my chin, where all of my spots live. I had on new spots appear which I was really surprised with. I had no reactions to the cleanser or the serum at all this week. The skin where there wasn't any spots appeared to be brighter which I put down completely to these products. Only used a pump and a half of cleanser once a day followed by the serum. 

Week Two 

I had to take a two day break from using the products as my skin got really dried out and uncomfortable. Once I started using the two products again the spots reduced massively, again no new break outs either.  Only used a a pump and a half once a day followed my serum, same as previous week. 

Week Three

Decided to up my daily usage to twice a day with three pumps of cleanser and then followed my serum and I noticed a huge improvement in my skin. My skin got whiter and brighter with a reduction in redness especially on my chin. I didn't have any new spots this week and the ones I had at the beginning of the trial are almost completely gone. 

Week Four 

Continued to use twice a day with three pumps of cleanser. All of the previous spots from weeks before reduced to the point where they don't even need concealer any more! Redness continued to go down and no new break outs. 

I am massively impressed with these products and would definitely recommend them if you have experience bad breakouts and are on the hunt for clearer skin. I will keep using these products on a daily basis to keep my skin clear! I always had to apply so much concealer on my chin to cover the spots but now I can just use my foundation which makes me so happy! The face wash retails for £14.99 and the serum retails for £9.99 however you can get both products together for £17.49 which is a great saving! Face B4 is also stocked in Superdrug. 

Have you tried Face B4? What did you think?


*PR Sample


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