How I Stay Organised // Chroma Stationary Review

Until recently, I never really planned out my blog photos or anything to do with my blog but since I had started it has made a massive difference and has made blogging easier! The main reason why I have been planning out my blog posts is because of this beautiful Chroma Stationary Notebook*. It is so gorgeous and actually makes me want to fill it up with all blog related things.
Chroma Stationary Review
This notebook is the Nebraska Perfect Bound in the Doris shade which is the most beautiful pastel purple. This is an A5 sized notebook which is perfect for carrying around in your handbag to write down any blog post ideas when they hit, I will forget if I don't write it down! This notebook has 50 pages which I think it great as it doesn't make it too bulky. You can chose between having the notebook lined or blank, I opted for having it lined as I can't write in a straight line! On the front of the notebook you can have anything you would like embossed (text wise). I went for 'Hannah Heartss' embossed in gold in the Georgia font and it is such a lovely touch. These would make amazing personalised gifts. This notebook is incredible quality, the front and back of the notebook have a matte finish but it feels so soft, the pages are great quality too, thick enough that you can't see what you have written if you turn the page. 

I write pretty much anything blog related in this little beauty. From blog post ideas, to things I need to photograph or theme ideas, even wish lists, everything gets popped down in here. When I know of blog ideas I go ahead and plan out the post and make a list of bullet points of things I want to talk about. This makes it so much easier when it comes to actually writing the post as I have everything I want to talk about in front of me and all I have to do is expand on the points written down. 

This notebook retails for £8.50 which I think is an great price considering it is personalised in any text of your choice or even a logo. If this style or colour isn't your thing, Chroma Stationary have different types of notebooks available in so many different colour options, there is bound to be one that you fall in love with. Each notebook arrived beautiful packaged,wrapped up in tissue paper like an envelope. 


*PR Sample


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