REVIEW: Yankee Candle Margarita Time Tart

Over Christmas, Yankee Candle had a good sale with many wax tarts priced at 75p so I placed an order and decided to finally use my Margarita Tart. With the weather being lovely and sunny at the moment I thought it was the perfect time to use some of my fruit family scents and this one was at the top of my list.
Yankee Candle Margarita Time Tart
This tart smells like all things lime and is very refreshing. It is described as being scented like a classic margarita with a squeeze of lime. Being a non drinker I have no idea what a margarita smells like but I do get the lime element. Each of these little wax tarts should provide you with eight hours of fragrance when placed into your melt warmer. This scent is, I believe, limited edition from last year but is still pretty easy to get hold of.

This wax tart is one of the worst ones I have ever tried when it comes to scent kick off. I think out of the three long burns I have tried to get out of this tart, I have only had about 10 minutes of light fragrance. The only time I could actually smell anything lime was when I stood next to my tart warmer, so disappointing. I have ever had this kind of experience from any Yankee Candle tart I have tried so I am not sure if I just got a bad tart or if its the scent. I wouldn't waste your money on this one, I am so glad I only paid 75p for this so hardly any money was wasted. If you have tried this let me know if you experience was different! 

This tart is available from Yankee Direct for £1.45. 



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