Richard Ward Chelsea Collection Hair Care

If there is one type of hair products I am always switching up, its hair care. I have very long, colour treated hair which has had quite a bit of heat used on it so I am always on the hunt for new products to improve my hair. Richard Ward hair care is a line which I have never tried before so I was excited to receive the Chelsea collection! 
Richard Ward Chelsea Collection Hair Care
Hair spray is a hair product that I always need but always hate to use but I have fallen in love with the Anti-ageing Argan Hairspray*. This hairspray doesn't leave my hair feeling sticking or crunchy which is why I normally hate hairspray. It keeps all my baby hairs and strays down while invisible which is good for me as I have almost black hair. It also leaves my hair with all of its flexibility. This hair spray has a nice scent which makes me want to use it more and I have found myself using this on a daily basis now. I have noticed my hair is softer and glossier after using this too, which I wasn't expecting from a hairspray, and I think that is down to the Olea Leaf and Argan Oil. This hairspray retails for £5.99.

The Keratin Smoothing Mist* is applied to washed and towel dried hair. I like to use this when my hair is having a bad day due to fizz. This mist has Argan Oil to add shine to the hair and also vitamins to help maintain the hairs strength and healthiness. When I use this my hair looks glossier, I spray this onto the mids and ends of my hair where they normally look the dullest and are the driest, and it also keeps my hair leaving soft. This mist has heat protection, UV protection and is a colour locking formula which is good for my hair as I use heat on my hair on a daily basis and I also colour it regularly. This mist retails for £5.99.

The final product I have from the Chelsea collection is the Keratin Shine Vitamin Boost*. I use this to add some shine to my hair when it is looking dull. I only apply this to the mids and ends of my hair  as that is where it looks most dull. This can be applied to dry or styled hair and then infuse with a final blast from your hairdryer to lock in that beautiful shine. I love this for days when I don't wash my hair as it makes it look so much healthier and obviously shiny. This mist is great for long hair to add shine to the ends. It doesn't leave my hair feeling sticky, it just leaves it feeling soft and looking shiny. This mist retails for £5.99.

These three hair products are all available at Waitrose along with many other Richard Ward hair care products. 


*PR Sample


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