Busy B Weekly Planner

If there is one thing I think every blogger should try and do, its to plan out your blog. I have found my posts and blog improve so much more if I actually plan it all out before hand. I had tried planning out things on my phone and that ended pretty quickly, as did using a notebook. I have found it so much more affective to use this gorgeous Busy B Weekly Planner Pad*. 
Busy B Weekly Planner
Busy B Weekly Planner
I love this weekly planner. It comes with 60 tear off weekly sheets and two gorgeous magnets. It also doubles as a mouse mat which I have been enjoying because I actually didn't have one before. Each weekly page is complete with a little box for each day as well as a larger box for things you need to remember to do. The background of the pages is so cute with a pastel blue and little polka dots. If you decide you don't want to use this as a mouse mat, you could pop it onto the fridge with the two magnets included with the planner pad. 

I have been mainly using this to plan out all blog related things but it is coming in handy with my little sister having possible the busiest social life too! Normally on a Sunday, I will plan out all of my posts for the week and ill write down titles under each of the days. If I need to take any pictures for the posts I will pop that down in the 'to do' section. At the end of each week I tear off the page and start again! I love that this planner as over enough weekly pages for the year, always good to have a few extra pages as I am a rubbish speller! 

If you want to start planning out all your blog related things or just generally organise your life, I would definitely recommend picking one of these up for just £8.99.


*PR Sample


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