REVIEW: Iconemesis iPhone 6 Case

My iPhone is basically an extension of my arm, pretty much the only time it isn't in my hand is when I am in the bath or sleeping! Since getting an iPhone 6 towards the end of last year, I have really struggled with finding cute cases that weren't overly expensive. I stupidly purchased a Ted Baker one shortly after getting my iPhone, which was priced at around £30 and broke within a month! But since having this one from Iconemesis I haven't taken it off!
 Iconemesis Cat Sims Feather Case
 Iconemesis Cat Sims Feather Case
 Iconemesis Cat Sims Feather Case
After browsing through all of the iPhone 6 cases on the Iconemesis website, I decided I wanted the Cat Sims Feather Case*. I love how simple the design is yet I get so many compliments on it, which doesn't shock me as it is gorgeous. According to the description on the website it is a very popular case among bloggers too! 

This case is so well made, the quality is so much better than the Ted Baker case I purchased for double the price! The design is smooth and continues around to the sides of the case so when viewed from the front you get a little sneak peek of the design.  This case is so soft, I could weirdly sit and rub it all day, it has a plastic matte/rubberized finish which is my favourite for phone cases. The case around the edges sticks out the tiniest amount which I like as it helps protect the phone if you do drop it. It has little cut outs so you can access all of the buttons and functions as normal. I am in love with the design and blue is one of my favourite colours which is why I was drawn to it so much. Who doesn't like feathers?!

Having had this case on non stop for around two weeks, it still looks exactly the same as when I took it out of the box! It hasn't scratched or got dirty around the edges from being in pockets. I can't recommend these cases enough! Iconemesis currently stocks cases for iPhone 5S, 5C, 6 and the 6 Plus with so many different designs. I have my eyes on the donut one next! 


*PR Sample


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