Rita Ora Nail Polishes for Rimmel London

I must admit, I really dislike Rita Ora but I do love nail polishes! When I was browsing the beauty section in my local Tesco and saw these were on offer, I thought I would give them a try! I am a bit of a nail polish snob and normally only go for OPI and Barry M but I am surprised at how much I do like these Rimmel London shades and I think I will be purchasing a few more!
Rita Ora Nail Polishes for Rimmel London
Rita Ora Nail Polishes for Rimmel London Swatches
Swatched (from left to right): 322 Neon Fest, 413 Organia, 270 Sweet Retreat 

The packaging is pretty basic, standard Rimmel London nail polish bottle with a Rita Ora sticker on the top with a flower detail. Down one side of the nail polish bottle is Rimmel London and on the other side at the bottom is the shade name and number, I prefer to have this on the bottle rather than a sticker incase it ever fell off. You get 8ml of nail polish in each bottle which I don't think is too bad for £2.99 (currently on offer for £1.99 at Superdrug). I love the brush on these nail polishes, it is thin and wide and fits my nails perfectly. I am pretty rubbish at painting my nails but this brush makes it so much easier to apply the nail polish and I don't end up with it all over the skin around my nails. 

I went for shades I didn't have in my collection and I was lacking some pink and orange shades. Neon Fest is a gorgeous bright pink, Organia looks like a pastel orange in the bottle but applies more brightly on the nails and Sweet Retreat is a cute baby pink. I was a little disappointed with the application with both Organia and Sweet Retreat as they needed three coats, Neon Fest only needed two. I made sure to apply pretty thin coats and all three nail polishes dried surprisingly quick, I didn't needed to sit around forever waiting for them to dry! They were touch dry within a few minutes and completely dry in about 20! 

I honestly didn't think these nail polishes were going to last that long on my nails, in the past Rimmel nail polishes have only lasted a day or two. But with these nail polishes I got five full days of wear out of all of them! I wasn't careful with them either, I noticed they actually started to chip at the cuticle first rather than the tips which was a bit strange! 

I would say from my experience to not go for the lighter shades because you are going to need more coats to get the colour that is in the bottle but the darker ones are amazing for the price! 

These nail polishes retail for £2.99 each but are currently on offer for £1.99 here



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