Receiving anything personalised always makes me pretty excited and I always try to make an effort to give personalised gifts for birthdays and at Christmas. Wrap Me* is a service I have heard quite a bit about and I was pretty excited to give the service a try. I have a little bunny rabbit called Bluebell which I share with my little sister that I knew I was going to use pictures of for my wrapping paper. 
Creating my personalised single sheet was easy. You can even import your images from Facebook or Instagram and Desktop. I picked the full 30 photos for my wrapping paper and they were organised so there was no doubles near each other. You can choose if you want borders or not or whether you would like them in black or white. I opted to have white borders around mine and I really liked the look. If you want more wrapping paper than single sheet you can select either a small or large roll. 

As soon as it arrived through my letterbox I couldn't wait to open it. I was so impressed with all the pictures of my Bunny and how amazing the quality is, especially for wrapping paper. I wanted to see my little sisters reaction so I had her close her eyes and open out her hands and I placed it into her hands. I wish I had recorded her reaction because it was the cutest thing ever. She literally gasped with excitement! After I showed it to my little sister, I showed my Mum who loved it too and even said it was too cute to actually use as wrapping paper and I almost agree. 

If you want to get your own Wrap Me personalised wrapping paper you can click here. Prices range  between £4.99 and £14.99 depending on what option you select. All wrapping papers are sent with free UK delivery - who doesn't love free postage?! 


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