BOOK REVIEW: The Baby & the Bride by Laura Barnard

If you saw my first book review last week then you will already know about my love of the first book in this series, The Debt and the Doormat (click here if you haven't read that already). I tweeted about how much I was loving the first book and Laura Barnard actually sent me The Baby and the Bride* to review which I was so excited about because I was actually going to buy it myself! 
BOOK REVIEW: The Baby & the Bride by Laura Barnard

The Baby and the Bride follows on from The Debt and the Doormat a few months later but if you didn't read the first I don't think this one would be too hard to get into. I had read a couple of reviews on Good Reads which said that they didn't know there was a first book and still really enjoyed The Baby and the Bride. This book is about Poppy and Jazz again but Jazz has a new baby and Poppy is about to get married and yet their realities are so different. Poppy has to try and keep up with her crazy job while keeping Ryan happy. The wedding planning gets out of control thanks to her Mum, her family are having financial problems and the runners at work have started to bully her. Jazz starts to struggle with motherhood and her baby won't stop crying. Will she be about to cope before she loses the plot? Will Poppy and Ryan get married? You'll have to read to find out... 

The first thing I noticed that was different than The Debt and the Doormat is the way the book is presented and I love the change. Throughout the book it is written within date entries which gives you a timeline to follow. Another thing I really enjoyed while reading this is that you get to not only get Poppy's point of view but also Jazz's. With some books I have read that have been written from different points of view I found it quite difficult to follow but I didn't have this problem with this book and found it very easy to follow and know who's point of view it is from. 

This book is just as funny, if not funnier, than The Debt and the Doormat! Poppy is just as clumsy as in the first book and there is some hilarious lines in the book which had me laughing out loud. For example there was a line in towards the beginning of the book that said 'God I wish I could look like her; just for one day but then I'd have to do all of that exercise stuff and I really don't think I could be arsed' - this is literally me on a daily basis! Another bit in the book I found hilarious was the part about laxatives, again I was laughing out loud for about 5 minutes! 

I really fell in love with Jazz's character in this book and I think she is going to be very relatable to some parents that read this book. I really loved the surprise, not going to give it away, towards the end and I really didn't see that coming at all! I was so happy with the ending of this book but I still hope that one day there will be a third book. 

I really enjoyed this book from start to finish, so much so I actually finished it within 24 hours. If you love chick lit then this is going to be a perfect Summer read for you! 

The Baby and the Bride by Laura Barnard is £2.99 on Amazon/Kindle which I think is such a bargain. Check out Laura Barnards other titles (here) too because I do really love her stuff and I am so excited for her new book Dopey Women coming out next month. 


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