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Jewellery & Stationary from Raspberrykiss Shop

I have been a long time reader of Shannons blog - Raspberry Kiss. So when I heard she had opened a little online shop I was so excited. She has everything from stationary to jewellery to phone cases and the best bit is, everything is under £6 which is such a bargain for how fab some of the items are. Shannon got in contact and wanted to send me a surprise package of things from her shop and I am loving everything that arrived through my front door.
Raspberrykiss Shop Haul
Raspberrykiss Shop Haul
Raspberrykiss Shop Haul
Raspberrykiss Shop Haul
Raspberrykiss Shop Haul
How cute are the Cupcake Sticky Notes* £1.70. I have these posted all around my iMac screen currently because I am so forgetful that if I don't write something down as soon as I think of it I will forget with about 10 seconds. These are possibly the cutest sticky notes I have ever had and I don't think I will ever be able to go back to boring square ones. These are the perfect size just to pop down a couple of short bullet points which is what I have been using them for. I have been just writing down anything blog related that I want to do and because they are so cute looking I love having them on display. 

The Pink Flower Adjustable Ring* £2 really reminds me of the Marc Jacobs perfumes and I have got so many compliments each time I have worn this! I like that it is adjustable because I can change up the size depending on what finger I want to wear it on. I have been wearing it on my ring finger and it is actually the perfect size unadjusted for my finger. I really struggle to find rings that fit my fingers so I am so happy to have this one in my life! This is perfect to wear during the summer months and even in the winter with an all black and white outfit for a pop of colour. 

Lets just talk about how stunning the Baby Blue and Pink Statement Necklace* £5 is. I am not a necklace person I must admit but I have been loving wearing this with shirts under the collar. I tend to wear a lot of monochrome so this is perfect to add a pop of colour to my outfits. I can't believe this is only £5 because I would have expected to pay a whole lot more for this. I keep finding my Mum wearing this whenever it goes missing from my room so it is clearly a winner! 

And finally we have the Dainty Silver Coloured Clavicle Necklace* £2. This something that I would never pick for myself but I am so glad I have it now because I have been wearing it so much and when I am not wearing it my little sister has been stealing it! This sits perfectly around my neck and it is so dainty and just adds a little something to my boring outfits. I like to layer this necklace with a slightly longer one too. I am so surprised with the quality of this necklace because at £2 I didn't think it was going to be as great as it is! 

All of these items and much more are available on the Raspberry Kiss Shop - link


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