Nails inc Gel Effect Nail Polishes

For years I have been a massive Nails inc fan but I am only just trying the new Gel Effect Nail Polishes for the first time this month and I am hear to report all amazing things. I loved them from the first time I tried them, so much so I ended up ordering 5 more shades in one go - opps! Recently they repackaged their nail polishes and I love the change, they look a lot more luxurious which fits with the quality of the nail polishes and the price tag.
Nails inc Gel Effect Nail Polishes
Nails inc Gel Effect Nail Polishes Swatches
Swatched from top to bottom: Kensington High Street, St James, Kensington Passage, Soho Place, Hyde Park Place, Uptown

I have six shades currently which are ranging from deep Winter shades to shades which are perfect for Summer. As I mentioned the packaging as been revamped and made into square packaging. The plastic tops pop straight off and reveal a little circular twist off cap which makes application much easier. Each of the caps match the shade in the bottle and have the shade name of the back of the cap. 

Kensington High Street is a deep purple shade, St James is a gorgeous red which is very similar to OPI Big Apple Red but with a bit of pink, Kensington Passage is an pretty shade of orange which isn't too in your face, Soho Place is a blue/green aqua shade, Hyde Park Place is what I would describe as the perfect light grey and Uptown is a nudey/pink. 

These nail polishes give the high shine finish that gel nails would but without the need of a UV lamp or being needed to soak off. These polishes are incredibly glossy and might be the glossiest nail polishes I have in my collection. My nails are in very bad condition, they are thin and full of ridges and flake off but with these nail polishes they look perfect and cover all of the imperfections without even using a base coat. What I really love about these nail polishes, besides how glossy they are, is the drying time. I thought I was onto a winner with the Barry M Speedy Quick Dry Nail Paints but these dry even quicker. I can apply two coats and they are fully dry within a maximum of 10  minutes - how amazing is that! Once applied I get at least four days wear out before they start to chip which I think is great for my nails. 

The Nails Inc Gel Effect Nail Polishes retail for £15 each - link



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