Whiter Teeth with Doll White

If there is some thing I am always trying to improve, it is the whiteness of my teeth. I have tried so many different toothpastes and while my teeth are pretty white naturally andluckily, I wanted something to make them as white as Simon Cowell's which is where Doll White come in. I have seen so much on social media about whitening strips so I thought I would give the 14 day set* from Doll White.
Whiter Teeth with Doll White
In each of the 14 individual packets in an upper and lower strip for your teeth. These are quite easy to apply once you get the hang of it, to get them to stick you need to rub your tongue over them and bite down once placed on the teeth until they feel comfortable. I must admit, the first couple of times I used these I hated how they felt in my mouth but I got used to it in the end and it didn't bother me. For each application you only need to apply them for 30 minutes to freshly clean teeth.

These strips claim to not leave your teeth leaving sensitive but I did have a slight sensitivity after using them (I am not sure if it was the strips or because of my teeth coming in) so I had to stop using them for a day or two so just keep that in mind and they were fine after that. After each 30 minute session you remove the strips to reveal whiter teeth but you do get quite a lot of residue left on your teeth which I hated so make sure you rinse well after. These were mint flavoured so they didn't taste disgusting I just didn't like the way it felt on my teeth. 

After the first time I used these I saw a good improvement in the colouring of my teeth. While my teeth have always been quite white there was always room for improvement. Having finished the 14 days of Doll White, I tried to include before and after pictures but you couldn't see how good the improvement was in the pictures. My teeth have been left much whiter and brighter and I have actually had a few compliments on how nice my teeth look which is great! If your teeth tend to be a bit dull or yellow looking from drinking coffee for example I would definitely give them a try because they do work wonders! 

The Doll White 14 Day Strips retail for £19.99 - link.


*PR Sample


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