Beverly Hills Formula Perfect White Black Range

I am surprisedly very picky about what toothpaste and dental products I use and Beverly Hills Formula is by far my favourite brand as I have always seen the best results in my teeth when I use their products. When I was at school I got accused of lying about having my teeth professional whitened when in actual fact I was just trying Beverly Hills Formula toothpaste! 
Beverly Hills Formula Perfect White Black Range

These two products are from the Beverly Hills Formula Perfect White Black Range which includes the Toothpaste* and the Mouthwash*, both of which are completely black! Both of the products have many incredible benefits as well having such a great minty taste which isn't artificial tasting in the slightest. The toothpaste offers high performance whitening boosts for your teeth while dissolving the stains with special agents that prevent food particles from settling on the teeth as well as being low in abrasion. Regular use of this toothpaste is recommended to keep your teeth whiter for longer. 
This toothpaste is one for the best ones I have tried. Within a little over a week my teeth look so much brighter and whiter already and each time I used this toothpaste, both morning and night and each time leaving my teeth super clean and refreshed. I actually look forward to using this toothpaste in the mornings as it as much a lovely taste to it, I find with a lot of cheaper toothpastes that the mint flavour is quite artificial but this is perfection. The toothpaste is as black as charcoal and I really like that because I find it makes me teeth much brighter and it is different to any other toothpaste. The texture is very smooth which I like, I hate lumpy toothpaste or ones with bits in! I really love the results that this is giving my teeth and I am still continuing to use it. I think kids would love using this too as it makes brushing your teeth a little more interesting. 

The second product in the range is the mouthwash. I must admit I never really use a mouthwash usually because I find that they don't taste great and don't really do anything for my teeth. This mouthwash I loved! Before each use, you have to shake the bottle to activate it, I am not 100% sure why but I make sure to do this before each use. This is very black to the point where you cannot see through it! I found this to leave my mouth feeling fresher for a prolonged period of time and help clean my wisdom teeth I currently have coming in. This mouthwash also has many benefits, the activated charcoal binds and removes the compounds found in coffee, wine and berries along with many others. It has no harsh abrasives or bleach so it isn't going to harm the enamel. It also contains sodium fluoride to keep the tooth enamel strong and healthily to prevent cavities and decay. 

If there is one thing I have to do every morning and night it is taking care of my teeth and these products are perfect for keeping my teeth clean while whitening them and leaving them feeling fresh. My dad scared me so much when I was younger about what happens if you don't look after them and I cannot go to sleep at night if I haven't brushed my teeth so I guess he did good! You only get one set of teeth so it is important to look after them. I really recommend these two products if you are wanting to get whiter teeth but don't want to use specific whiten treatments that might make your teeth feel sensitive. 

The Beverly Hills Formula Perfect White Black Range Toothpaste (pack of 2) retails for £10.99 - link and the Mouthwash retails for £10.99 (pack of 2) - link


*PR Sample


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