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Calvin Klein Sunglasses

Finding the perfect pair of sunglasses is something that I have always found a bit difficult. I have a massive head so finding a pair of glasses or sunglasses that actually fits my head can be a bit of a struggle. I have never owned a pair of expensive sunglasses because I just don't trust myself not to sit on them but things are changing and the best part is...this were massively discounted!
Calvin Klein Sunglasses

Calvin Klein Sunglasses
Calvin Klein Sunglasses
These are the Calvin Klein 4123 Sunglasses* in the Brown/Havana style. These sunglasses are very luxurious for me as my sunglasses normally come from Primark. These come in the strongest sunglasses case which has a leather effect feel to it in a gorgeous light grey colour with Calvin Klein imprinted into the middle of the front of the case. I need to make sure I remember to keep using this case and not just through them in my handbag and end up scratching them! Even though the case is very strong, it isn't too heavy or bulky that it would take but a big amount of case in your handbag. 

I went to the beach the day after these arrived so they couldn't have come at a better time! I wore these all day and my eyes didn't hurt at all from the sun. These sunglasses also have the CE mark on the inside of the mark which lets you know that comply with the European standards and will provide the correct amount of protection for you eyes. The lenses in these glasses have a gradient to them which looks very natural. 

I have been wearing these non-stop since they arrived and they sit so comfortably on my face. As I do have a big head it can be difficult to find the right pair of sunglasses that will sit comfortably on my face and not give me a headache and these sunglasses are perfect. I love that the frames are mixed shades of brown and not black as they not look so harsh against my pale skin. These sunglasses are going to be great during the colder months too when the sun is still shinning, on the occasional day in England, as they aren't too summery that they can only be worn July-September. These are a very classic design too so year in year out these are going to be perfect to wear. 

The Calvin Klein 4123 Sunglasses normally retail for £114 but you can purchase them here for £39 - link


*PR Sample


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