PHD Never Miss a Spot Self Tanner Body Mist

As the summer comes to an end I am on the hunt for a natural self tanner that will help me look like I have a healthy glow all year round. The problem I found with the previous self tanners I Was using was that they were a mousse that I couldn't actually apply to my back for example so I was always half done. I have been testing out the PHD Never Miss a Spot Self Tanning Body Miss a Spot Self Tanning Body Mist for the last couple of weeks and I have been really enjoying it.
The Self Tanner is so unique in how you use it to apply to your body. The arm stretches all the way out which makes it so easy to apply the tan to your back and hard to reach places, finally - I don't know why nobody thought of this sooner as it is such an amazing idea! As the button you press to apply the product is always exposed it actually as a lock so if you do want to take this with you on holiday or a trip you don't have to worry about it getting all over your luggage. This self tanner is a no rub lightweight formula and is available in three shades, I have the medium option.

Before each application you need to make sure that you shake the can well and spray from 25-30cm away to make sure you get an even coverage. The first time I used this I sprayed it too close which resulted in an uneven application. As this tan is in the form of a mist, I would highly recommend doing this in an open space to ensure that you don't get any of the tan onto your furniture, I actually apply this in the garden just to make sure I don't get it on anything in the house. Once you have applied the tan you need to avoid showering for around 8 hours to let the tan develop. I apply this before bed and find that it doesn't transfer onto any of my clothing or bedding. 

After trying out the tan a couple of times, I definitely learnt the best technique on how to use this to get an even coverage. The colour is gorgeous too, I have very pale legs and this tan came them such a lovely healthy glow. I must admit I don't really moisturise as much as I should and even without doing so the tan lasted for five days before it started to fade. When it did start to fade it was very natural and didn't look patchy. I really do love how easy it is to apply to my back too which I normally have to just not do because I can't reach but I no longer have that problem! 

The PHD Never Miss a Spot Self Tanner retails for £19.99 at Boots - link


This post contains a press sample, all opinions are my own. 


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