REVIEW: Partylite Lemon Lime Macaroon Candle

I love sweet smelling candles and anything food related so this candle is right up my street. It is the Partylite Lemon Lime Macaroon Candle* and I have been burning it so much recently and I thought it was time to review it and share how much I love it with you all! If you have been reading my blog for a while now you will know I am bit of a Yankee Candle snob but things have definitely changed! 
 Partylite Lemon Lime Macaroon Candle
 Partylite Lemon Lime Macaroon Candle
This candle is from the Just Desserts collection so you can imagine how yummy this collection must smell. This candle is the Lemon Lime Macaroon Candle and it is massive, I really wasn't expecting it to be as big as it is! You can see from the picture above that it is bigger than my hand! The candle comes in a lovely box with a gorgeous pink theme to it and the candle itself comes in such a lovely glass jar which I am going to reuse after I finish the candle to hold my makeup brushes! The actual candle inside the jar has a white top then the rest of the candle is green, I really like this because it adds a little something to look at while burning. 

This candle is very sweet and smells so delicious just like a bakery. I would describe the scent as being very vanilla based, think cupcakes, with a hint of lemon and lime which makes it not too sticky sweet which I really like. I am so impressed with the scent kick off from this candle, it fills my whole upstairs with the yummy scent! This candle is going to be perfect for bigger spaces as it will fill it perfectly, if burned in a smaller space the scent could get a little overpowering. Each time I have burned this candle the scent kick off as been as good as the first time I burned it and the scent stays around for the whole time I have the candle alight if not longer. This candle is going to provide you with so many hours of delicious scent as it is so big so you will definitely get your moneys worth with this one! 

This Partylite Lemon Lime Macaroon Candle retails for £17.25, a bargain if you ask me as it is huge! The product number if you want to search for it is G14779. I have been so impressed with the two candles I have tried from Partylite and they really give some of the bigger candle companies a run for their money! I will have to get a few more soon and these would make perfect gifts too. 


*PR Sample


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