Go Customized iPhone Case Review

Ever since I got my iPhone 6 last year I had been on the hunt for a good place to get Personalised Phone Cases from and I have finally found it. I am obsessed with my bunny Bluebell and had been wanting to get a phone case with her on for the longest time and I am so happy I finally have this in my life. I love the idea of being able to make your own phone case as nobody is ever going to have the same on as you! 
Go Customized iPhone Case Review

While I was searching through the Go Customized Website to find my iPhone Case, I didn't realise how many where was to choose from! I decided on the iPhone Case Hard Case in White which retails for £14.95 which I think is a great price because I have actually paid more for basic iPhone cases in the past. It is very easy to create your design, I think mine only took my around 10 minutes from start to finish! You can upload pictures for your design from your desktop or from either Facebook or Instagram. You can also add text to your design if that is something you are wanting to do, I didn't want text on mine though. 

I seriously cannot get over how cute Bluebell looks on my case, this is actually one of my favourite pictures I have taken of her so I love that I now have it on my iPhone case. I was so pleasantly surprised with how great the quality it is, it feels a lot more expensive that it actually was and I can already tell this is going to last me for a long time. I have had this case on my phone for over a week now and it still looks brand new and the white around the sides hasn't changed colour from being in the pocket of my jeans or chucked in my handbag which has happened with some of my more expensive phone cases. I also drop my phone a lot, I have no idea how I haven't smashed the screen yet, and the case has really protected my phone! 

I think this would be a perfect gift with Christmas coming for the person who has everything or has no idea what they actually want for Christmas. They also have many different phone models available for you to create your cases for and you can even create a case for your iPad! You can see more of the case options available and find out more information here - link


This post contains a press sample, all opinions are my own.


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