Makeup Revolution Unicorns Unite Lipstick Collection

How fun do these new Makeup Revolution Lipsticks look! These could't have been released at a better time with Halloween just a round the corner. This is the new Unicorns Unite Lipstick Collection and at just £1 each I think they are perfect for experimenting with makeup and trying to create different looks. Makeup Revolution Unicorns Unite Lipstick Collection
Makeup Revolution Unicorns Unite Lipstick Collection
Makeup Revolution Unicorns Unite Lipstick Collection Swatches
Swatched from left to right: Throne, Pink Myth, Magical, Legend, Horn of Magic. 

I love the finish to these lipsticks, a few of them have a gorgeous sheen to them and the others, like Pink Myth, have a gorgeous demi-matte finish. Throne is such a gorgeous purple lilac shade with a shimmer running through it. This reminds me of a My Little Pony I had when I was younger so it goes perfectly with the Unicorn theme of the collection. Pink Myth is a shade that you would definitely get away with wearing on a daily basis. I currently have it on sheered out and I love how it looks. Magical is such a unique purple shade like nothing I have ever seen! In direct sunlight it looks blue but in the shade it is equally as pretty looking just like it does in the swatch. Legend is such a darker purple and I wish it looked good on me because I love how unique this shade is. My sister was playing around with these lipsticks and it looked quite nice on her. My favourite from this collection is Horn of Magic. I was actually about to order a very similar looking shade from Colourpop for Halloween but this shade is perfect and much cheaper and easier to get hold of! Horn of Magic is a stunning light blue with a glistering finish. My sister has already claimed this one and planned her Halloween outfit and makeup look around this lipstick! 

While four out of five shades aren't your typical everyday lipstick shade, I absolutely love them! When I first looked at these in the bullet they slightly scared me but once you put them on your lips they look more wearable - as wearable as a blue lipstick can be! At just £1 a piece I do think these are perfect to have in your collection - you never know when your going to need a fun lipstick shade for a fancy dress party! If you have a Halloween party to attend this year these lipsticks are a perfect and an inexpensive way to switch up your makeup look. 

The Makeup Revolution Unicorns Unite Lipsticks are just £1 each or you can purchase all five a bundle for just £4 - link.


This post contains press samples, all opinions are my own. 


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