Creightons No More Frizz Range

My hair can be very problematic, it can be so fizzy during these rainy Autumn months but since I have started using these three products my hair has never been so sleek. I normally don't notice that much of a difference when I switch up my shampoo and conditioner other than it might make my hair a little heavy but this shampoo and conditioner have been working amazingly on my hair and I have noticed a big difference!
Creightons No More Frizz Range
In the Frizz No More range from Creightons are six products and I have three of them that I have been testing out for the last couple of weeks. I have the Totally Tame Shampoo and Conditioner and the Smooth & Shine Blow Dry Cream. The other three products in the range are two products for curls and a Sleek and Shine Serum which I need to get my hands on. All of the six products are just £1.99 and I honestly thought they were going to cost a lot more but I love saving money, especially in the run up to Christmas. 

The packaging on all three of the products doesn't look cheap at all and I love the colour blocking design that they have gone for. The three products I have come in squeezy tubes which makes it easy to get the product out and it means you can get every last drop out! The shampoo and conditioner are suitable for all hair types, I have long and thick colour treated hair for reference. 

I absolutely love the Shampoo and Conditioner and they work so well together. The Shampoo transforms into a lovely creamy lather which I find really helps clean the hair and it leaves my roots in particular feeling weightless. The conditioner is great on my ends which tend to be quiet dry. I like a hydrating conditioner and this is definitely it for me, my ends have been so soft since I have been using this and I love it. Since I have been using these two together and I have noticed my hair hasn't been frizzy at all and has been looking very sleek everyday so I don't even have to use my straighteners anymore! 

The Smooth & Shine Blow Dry Cream is applied to damp hair before blow drying. I was slightly scared that this was going to make my hair feel sticky like some blow dry creams I have used in the past but didn't so I had no need to be worried. Not only did I notice that my ends were frizz free and shiny but it also left my ends looking so much thicker. I only use a tiny amount for the ends of my hair, a little goes a long way. 

Overall, I am really enjoying this three products and I definitely won't be spending a fortune on hair care anymore how that I have these! The Frizz No More range is available from Home Bargains, Savers and Bodycare stores nationwide which each product being just £1.99 each - what a bargain! 


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