Christmas Lush Haul

The one time of the year I shop at Lush is when all of the Christmas products come out and it is that time again! I don't have a Lush near me so when I happened to be near one last week I knew I had to pick up a couple of bits, when I got to the checkout my Mum actually decided to pay for my bits which was so lovely of her!
Christmas Lush Haul
If you can't ready tell, I am a big fan of the sweet scents - in particular Snow Fairy. I didn't actually pick up a bottle of Snow Fairy because my stash from last year only ran out a month or so ago so I don'y actually miss it yet! I made sure to pick up two of my favourites from last year, Candy Mountain and Butterbear. 

Candy Mountain (£2.95) has the Snow Fairy scent and it is a bubble bar so you take a small chunk and crumble it under the water. Candy Mountain turns the bath water pink and creates tonnes of bubbles. I can get at least three baths out of Candy Mountain so don't waste your whole bubble bar on one bath! Butterbear (£1.95) is one of the cutest bath bombs from the Lush Christmas collection and is also one of the cheaper bath bombs from Lush. Butterbear is vanilla scented and makes the bath water soft to soften the skin, this is one of the bath bombs I like to use when my skin is dry during the colder months as it actually has lasting effects on the skin. 

The next two products are ones that I have never had before but I can't wait to pop them in the bath. Stardust (£2.95) is a bath bomb and to me it smells like what the Lush shops smell like. From the looks of the bath bomb it appears there might be some colourful surprises, I will definitely report back on this one. The final product I picked up this time from Lush is Magic Wand (£5.25). Magic Wand is a reusable bubble bar which I have never tired before. The scent is the same as Snow Fairy which I am obsessed with. Can't wait to see how many baths this lasts for. 



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