Lush Magic Wand

Its no secret that I love Lush at Christmas time and one of my all time favourite scents is Snow Fairy. For years I have been buying the Snow Fairy shower gels and scented bubble bars but I had never tried one of the reusable bubble bars until now. While these are on the more expensive side of the Lush Christmas products I do think they are actually much better value for money, I will have to stock up on these before they are gone for another year! 
Lush Magic Wand
The Magic Wand Reusable Bubble Bar (£5.25) can be used to create a gorgeous pink bath while creating bubbles. Bubble bars are my favourite products from Lush so I couldn't wait to start using this in the evenings in the run up to Christmas. To use this bubble bar all you have to do is wave it through your bath water and pop it under running water and watch your bath turn pink and bubbles grow.

Magic Wand does have that yummy snow fairy scent so if that isn't a scent you like, I would recommend using The Magic of Christmas Reusable Bubble Bar a try as they are the same product but this one has a much more Christmassy scent of clove, cinnamon and spices. If you do like the snow fairy scent definitely pick up Candy Mountain while you are in Lush. The reusable bubble bars can be used for 5+ baths depending on how much you use per bath.

I absolutely love the Magic Wand and prefer it to Candy Mountain in terms of value for money. As long as you leave it out to dry after each use you can get unto ten baths out of this like I did, which makes each bath just 52p! How I like to use this is just running it under running water, as it gets smaller I would specifically aim the water onto each point so that it doesn't break up and waste any of the product. Once popped under running water it starts to turn the bath water pink and create tonnes of bubbles. Depending on how much you use in each bath will depend on how pink you water will turn. The bath water stays pink and full of bubbles for the duration of the bath while leaving your skin and filling the bathroom with that snow fairy scent - delicious.

The Magic Wand retails for £5.25 each and is only around for the festive period so grab it while you can - link.



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