Makeup Brand of the Year

If there is one thing I love trying, its new makeup products and brands. There has been some massive stand out brand for me and while they still don't ship to the UK directly (come on Colourpop, get on this!), they are the stand out brand of the year! Colourpop Cosmetics is massively raved about and I must admit, I was a little sceptical at first but the products are some of the best on the market. From their lippie sticks to eyeshadows and highlights to the new crème gel liners Colourpop know exactly what they are doing! 
Makeup Brand of the Year
Not only are the products from Colourpop of incredible pigmentation and quality, the prices are fantastic! With prices between $5-$8 you cannot go wrong! There hasn't been a products from the brand that I haven't liked so far and I have actually just placed another order which should arrive mid January so I will post a haul when those goodies arrive. If you are looking for a new makeup brand to try this is it. 

My favourite products are the Lippie Stixs. While I own seven of them currently, with more on the way, I did have about 5/6 more but my Mum and Sister have actually stolen them. The packaging is simple and stunning with the white tubes and sliver holographic writing. I love that on the tube of each lippie stix is a preview of the shade as well as the name as this makes it so much quicker to find the shade that I am looking for. The formulas I would recommend the most are the Matte and the Sheer. The Matte shades are incredibly long lasting while being highly pigmented and not at all drying on the lips. There are only a few shades in the sheer formula but they are some of my favourite lip products. They aren't even that sheer but they give the lips the perfect amount of colour. These are so soft on the lips and so hydrating. The shades I could recommend are Lumière, LLB, Juice Bar and Tiger. 

Lets talk about the greatest little pots, the eyeshadows. These are game changers! I hated eyeshadow before I tried these and how I am hooked. They apply best with your fingers and give such incredible colour pay off. They are like a cream formula but set to a powder, it's hard to explain they are very unique. My favourite formula is the Metallics and the shades I would recommend are, Amaze, LALA and Nillionaire. All three of this shades have such a stunning finish and glitter running though them. Get yourself these and you won't regret it! 

The newest releases to the permanent line is the Crème Gel Liners and Pots. I totally forgot to photograph these as they are in my makeup bag - opps! I only have the liners and I can honestly say they are the best liners I have ever tried! I have three shades which are all metallics and once applied they do not budge until you remove them with makeup remover. I did a full post about these liners which you can check out here to find out more - link.

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