Why I Love WWE

Bit of a different most from me today, I thought I would share my love of WWE today! Whenever I talk about WWE on Twitter some people are always so surprised about how much of a fan I am and it has actually found me a wonderful internet friend, ahem Anastasia (Dainty Desires) who actually did a post about why she loves WWE which inspired me to do mine so give hers a read too - link here. It actually surprised me how many of us bloggers watch WWE so I always love having chats with these ladies on Twitter about whats going on each week! 
When I was a kid my cousin watched WWE and I never really took any interest. Even my ex-boyfriend would try and make me watch it at one point and I just wasn't interested in it. Until I started watching Total Divas the E! reality show which follows the lives of the WWE Divas. I used to be a massive reality TV show fan and I binged watched every episode of Total Divas and then started watching RAW and Smackdown right before a Hell in a Cell PPV and I have been watching ever since, I have even been to see RAW live this year! It absolutely drives me up the wall when people say to me "Why do you watch WWE, its all fake". Yes and so is Eastenders yet you still watch it! Yes the storylines are scripted but the Superstars and Divas are some of the best athletes in the world, it blows my mind when Nikki Bella does the Rack Attack because I can't even hold my handbag if its too heavy and there she is picking people up!

Of course the main reason why I love WWE and continue to watch week after week is because I find it entertaining. I love the most of the storylines and get far too invested in them, I am one of those viewers how shouts at the TV during matches, so happy Roman Reigns is FINALLY champion! I am one of those WWE fans who watches almost everything, from RAW and PPV's to WWE24 and Breaking Ground. I am also obsessed with the Stone Cold Podcasts. Having been watching Breaking Ground, which follows the Superstars and Divas of NXT it just shows how incredibly hard working these athletes are.  

One of the main things I love about the WWE is the charity work they do and the things they do to give back. From Connors Cure to Tribute to the Troops. Whenever Connors Cure is mentioned and it always makes me emotional. Connor Cure is in honour of Connor Michalek who was a WWE fan who battled with cancer of the spine and brain since he was three years old. Whenever I see footage of him with Daniel Bryan I can't stop the tears. In September WWE recognises the month as paediatric cancer awareness month and adds special touches to the squared circle and the Superstars and Divas wear the Connor's Cure bracelets which all proceeds from the sales go to the charity. John Cena is one of my favourite humans having granted over 500 wishes for the Make A Wish Foundation and olds the title for the most granted wishes by a single individual. 

Before I started watching WWE, I was constantly wanting to be skinnier and smaller and never happy with my body. But now all I want is to be as healthy as I can possibly be and be as fit as the Divas - I mean come on have you seen Nikki Bella? She has the most incredible body, she is basically a goddess. Even my little sister (who is 11) has changed her mind set and wants to be as fit as they are so if that isn't good role models for children I don't know what is! It might sound incredibly cheesy to say but the slogans on the likes of John Cena and Roman Reigns' merch does rub off on you! John Cena is always promoting Hustle, Loyality and Respect and Reigns is always saying I Can, I Will. I used to be quite a pessimist but I am quite the optimist now. 



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