Models Own Hyper Gel Nail Polishes

I absolutely love nail polish shades during the Autumn and Winter, I can't get enough of dark nails and greys tones. Models Own have such a great selection of shades available in the Twilight Hyper Gel collection. All of the shades are gorgeous autumnal shades and I have been wearing these three shades non stop. One of them has already become an all time favourite in my nail polish collection.

Swatched from top to bottom: Lunar Grey, Sweet Sherry & Deep Sea. 

I have always loved Models Own nail polishes, I remember years ago I was completely obsessed with the Beetle Juice polish when it was first released. The Hyper Gel line are highly pigmented polishes, enriched with lotus flower oil and give the nails mega shine and the gel like finish that you would get in a salon. Each of the Hyper Gel polishes 14ml of polish in your selected shade(s) for just £4.99 a bottle. 

These three shades are my go to shades for the reminder of the cold months. Lunar Grey is a lighter and brighter grey shade, Sweet Sherry is a gorgeous deep berry/burgundy shade and, my favourite, Deep Sea. Deep Sea is a deep forest green, I had been on the hunt for a shade like this for years and this is the perfect one. Years ago there was a Nicole for OPI polish from the Kardashian collection which was very similar to this but this is better and I am so happy to have a shade like this back in my collection.

These polishes apply very smoothly and not streaky in the slightest. I would say that they applied much better when I had a larger bead of polish on the brush. I absolutely love the brush on these polishes, it is thick enough to only need to swipe once on each of the nails and it doesn't touch the skin around the nails. Once applied it dried very quickly so I could go ahead and apply a second coat. If I applied a slightly thicker first coat I would have easily got away without needing a second coat but I like to make sure that I have the full colour intensity that I see in the bottle. 

I never use base and top coat but obviously if you do use these two products it will prolong the wear of your polish. There isn't really a need for top coat with these polishes as they leave the nails full of shine which lasts until you remove the nail polish. On my nails, which are very flakey and thin, it lasted for 3-4 days without chipping which I thought was very good. I am not careful with my nails and I am pretty heavy handed and am always hitting my nails on things - very impressed, Models Own. 

The Models Own Hyper Gel Nail Polishes retail for £4.99 and are available from the Models Own website, Superdrug & ASOS. 


This post contains press samples, all opinions are my own. 


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