Sample Sized Sunday: Bedhead Resurrection Shampoo & Conditioner

I thought I would start a new series today! On one or two Sunday's out of the month I will be talking about some sample sized products and seeing if they are worth purchasing the full sizes. This week I am chatting about the TIGI Bed Head Urban Antidotes Resurrection Shampoo & Conditioner. I have actually completely used up both products so I can give my full thoughts on them, p.s they are a winning duo!
 Bedhead Resurrection Shampoo & Conditioner
This Shampoo and Conditioner is the level three from the Urban Antidotes line which is for the most damaged hair that is especially weak, brittle and lifeless. While aiming to boost strength and stamina. If you hair has been exposed to too much damage, from heat to dyeing, before you take the scissors to your hair and chop it all off in hopes of healthier hair give this a try first! I have been testing these out for a few weeks, until I actually used them both up completely and I never use up my shampoo and conditioners! 

This shampoo and conditioner duo has moisturising, repairing and health-boosting ingredients to bring your hair back from the dead. It also has smoothing and anti-static agents to make your hair have a glossy and well groomed appearance. If you colour treat your hair, like myself, you don't have to worry if you use this duo has it has anti-colour fade technology as well as a heat protection included to protect your hair for the future. 

I used these mini sizes everyday and my hair has honestly never looked so good! The first thing I noticed when I started using these was how amazing they smell, it is just delicious and the scent actually lingers in your hair too. Because I do use heat on my hair everyday, it does tend to be a little frizzy sometimes and in need of a pick me up. It also is on the drier and dull side so finding a shampoo and conditioner that can inject some life back into it is hard to find. But with this duo my hair looked like I had been to the salon everyday for a blow dry. This duo injected so much life into my hair leaving it look so glossy, even in the ends of my hair which tend to be the dullest, without looking greasy or leaving my hair feeling heavy like other shampoo and conditioner duos I have used. It leaves my hair so smooth and soft, like I said my hair is quite dry but my hair was super soft when I used this. 

Would I purchase the full sizes? 100%! The TIGI Bed Head Urban Antidoes Resurrection Shampoo and Conditioner Duo retails for £29.95 (2x 750ml) but is currently only £15.95 on the Escentual website. 



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