Meet Bailey and Buttons

It wasn't until a few days after I named my gorgeous baby bunnies..that I realised I accidentally named them after a pair of shoes (UGG Bailey Button) - opps! I thought I would post about my cute little fluff balls today seeing as it is my birthday and they were my early birthday present! They might be my favourite gift ever, thanks parents!
Towards the end of last year I expectantly lost Bluebell, a three year old mini lop crossed lionhead and after a couple of months, I missed having a pet so much that my parents agreed to let me get two bunnies for my birthday! I must have spent two weeks searching for the perfect fluff balls, I went and visited seven baby bunnies and two weeks later, on the 31st of January 2015, I brought home Bailey and Buttons. They have just turned ten weeks old and they are the cutest little things ever - I could honestly sit and stare at them all day! 

They are sisters and have just turned ten weeks old! While they are both mini lop/lionhead crosses, Bailey is more of a mini lop and Buttons is definitely a lion head - she is incredibly fluffy and I have to brush her at least once a day because everything just sticks to her. When I brought them home, Bailey would wait for Buttons to check everything out and followed her around and things have definitely changed now! Bailey loves to explore but is very cuddly. Buttons is very independent and doesn't sit on your lap for long whereas Bailey will jump up on your lap and make herself comfortable. Buttons actually climbs up and sits on my head if I try and cuddle her, not so comfortable for me but she seems to love it!

I have always had bunnies ever since I was little but never had two at the same time and I have been loving watching them play together and groom each other - it makes my heart melt! They always cuddle up together when they go to sleep too. I have never had a bunny who is as affectionate as Bailey, she licks you and gives kisses! Even though I have only had them for a little over two weeks, they have already doubled (if not tripled) in size and I know they are going to be huge because both of their parents were massive! Buttons is very greedy so I know she will be even bigger, I always have to give Bailey extra food otherwise Buttons will eat it all.

Would you like to see more of Bailey and Buttons on the blog? I just cant get over how cute they are!



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