Top 5 High Street Products

I love so many products from the high street but I am finding myself favouring higher end products over some of my old favourites. These five products are the products that I will never replace and always have to be in my makeup bag. Three out of the five products featured are less than £5 which is fantastic, if I can find great products on a budget I am very happy - I love saving a few pennies where I can.
Top 5 High Street Products
My first must have is the Soap and Glory One Heck of a Blot Primer. This one of the best primers I have used and really gives some of my higher end options a run for their money. I notice a difference when I do use this and when I don't. It smooths out my skin and makes my foundation and concealer apply much easier. It also makes my makeup last so much longer! It doesn't matter which foundation I use it with, it always makes my makeup last all day. Before I started using this my foundation would only last for around 4/5 hours but now my base makeup will hold up until late evening! I did a full review on this here: link

Of course I had to include the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer! As much as this massively raved about, it is totally worth the hype and it honestly is one of, if not the best concealer from the high street. I do prefer to use this to cover spots and blemishes but it still works great as an undereye concealer. It covers everything so effortlessly and lasts for hours once applied. The only problem I have with this concealer is how hard it is to get hold of in the Fair 01 shade. It honestly took me months to track one down - thanks Zoella!

I am very picky with mascaras and there isn't too many from the high street that I really like but the Maybelline Lash Sensational is one of the best mascaras ever. This mascara gives my lashes such crazy length and thickness while making them intensively black. If you like dramatic lashes, you'll love this mascara. This is one of the only high street mascaras that I have repurchased and will continue too, besides the Max Factor False Lash Effect. Another eye product that if you haven't tried you have to buy next time your in Boots or Superdrug is the Collection Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner. I wear eyeliner everyday and this is the only one I will ever use and its only £2.99 - such a bargain! It doesn't fade or move throughout the day and it is so black with a matte finish. I find it very easy to apply too, if you liked the Soap and Glory Liner, your going to fall in love with this. 

My final all time favourite product from the high street is the Makeup Revolution Pressed Powder. I must have mentioned this a thousand times in blog posts and on Twitter but it is honestly the best powder from the high street. There is just something about this powder that I have fallen in love with and I must have already used about six of these! It sets my makeup beautifully and is perfect for touch ups without making my face look powdery. The packaging is great too, it has a little puff in back with a mirror making it perfect for my handbag. 

What are your favourites from the high street? 



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