TV Shows to Binge Watch // Favourites

I feel like the only TV show people talk about is Pretty Little Liars and while I am a fan (sort of), I feel like there are much better TV shows out there! I was a huge PLL fan but so far this season I have not been surprised and found it a little boring, hopefully it will improve as the season goes on! I have been obsessed with these TV shows recently and I feel like nobody watches them and I need people to chat about them with! None of these shows are new, with the exception of one or two but are all binge worthy!
TV Shows to Binge Watch
1. Scandal 

Towards the end of last year I got absolutely hooked on Scandal and I honestly did nothing but watch Scandal in my free time (I watched five seasons in a two weeks #addicted). Scandal is a polictal based thriller, if you don't like blood and strange stuff you might not like this because Huck is a little crazy - he's my favourite character. It is based around Oliva Pope who runs a crisis management firm and used to work for the White House...she also has a thing with the President of the United States.

2. The Royals

This might be my favourite TV show at the moment! It is E!s first scripted show and it has been renewed for a third season. It is based around a fictitious royal family and there is so much drama, deaths and epic loves. I have raved about this TV show so much on Twitter and it deserves so many more views than it gets. The actors are incredible, Alexandra Park and Tom Austen can make me feel very emotion they are playing, even just be looking at each other. If you liked Gossip Girl I think you will be a fan of this.

3. Total Divas

If you like reality tv, you'll love Total Divas. Its based around the Divas of the WWE following their lives outside of the squared circle, you get to see behind the scenes drama and a peek into their personal lives. I love every scene of Nikki Bella and John Cena. My favourite episode is when Nikki and John decide to compete against each other, I believe it is in season three. Total Divas is what started off my love of WWE and I have been hooked on all things WWE ever since. There is tonnes of drama and hilarious scenes.

4. New Girl

If you liked Friends, you'll like New Girl as it is similar in set up. It is based around Jess who moves in with three guys she has never met before. This show is hilarious and I always save up a few episodes to binge watch when I am feeling down because it always cheers me up. Zooey Deschanel is wonderful in the show and plays Jessica Day. Schmidt is my favourite character and I love his relationship with CeCe. 

5. Dance Moms 

My little sister has got me watching Dance Moms and I just can't stop watching more episodes! It is based around the students and moms of the Abby Lee Dance Company. You might know of Maddie who starred in the Sia music videos. For this show being based around dance competitions..there is so much drama! Dance Moms makes me miss dance so much, I cant believe how talented these children are, its insane! 



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