YSL Volupté Tint-in-Oil vs W7 Tinted Kiss Lip Oil

I love finding a good dupe, who doesn't like finding higher end products on a budget?! W7 is a brand that creates a lot of dupes of higher end products and the Tinted Kiss Lip Oil is no different. I have had the YSL Volute Tint-in-Oil for almost a year and it is starting to come to an end so if I can find a dupe so I don't have to repurchase the YSL version at a much higher price that would be brilliant!
YSL Volupté Tint-in-Oil vs W7 Tinted Kiss Lip Oil
YSL Volupté Tint-in-Oil vs W7 Tinted Kiss Lip Oil
I must say, these products are incredibly similar and I have only found a few differences between them. Both of these products claim to be Lip Oils which are going to try the lips a deep nourishing treatment with a hint of colour. The YSL packaging is so luxurious and I expect nothing less from YSL, the tube even has a great weight to it. The W7 packaging is obviously inspired by the YSL original but it does look and feel much cheaper than the high end option. The W7 applicator has obviously tried to have been duplicated from the YSL and while it is similar, it isn't identical. The YSL Tint-in-Oil applicator fits the lips perfectly and is much softer and more flexible than the Tinted Kiss Lip Oil. 

There are more colour options available in the YSL Tint-in-Oil range with eight shades whereas the W7 Tinted Kiss Lip Oils are only available in four shades. I will say that the YSL one does actually give the lips a hint of colour, this is a very slight hint but the W7 applies pretty much transparent. Both Lip Oils have the exact same scent of yummy watermelon and apply smoothly to the lips and glide on like a dream. The W7 is slightly thicker than the YSL making it feel more of a gloss on the lips. 

The main difference I noticed between the two during their battle was that the YSL version actually sinks into the lips providing hydration that lasts. Whereas the W7 Tinted Kiss sits on top of the lips for hours giving the top layer of the lips hydration but doesn't provide any long lasting effects like the YSL and for just £4.95 (even cheaper on Fragrance Direct) I pretty much expected that. 

Would I repurchase the W7 or YSL version? I would have to give it to YSL personally if I had to pick between the two because I like the fact that does actually nourish the lips and provide longer lasting hydration. But I will still be using my W7 Tinted Kiss, it doesn't leave my handbag! If you don't have extremely dry lips then give the W7 a try first and see if you like it! The YSL Volute Tint-in-Oil retails for £23.50 and the W7 Tinted Kiss Lip Oil retails for £4.95.



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