50 Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas

While I mainly talk about beauty, I do like to try and include some lifestyle posts here and there. I have talked about my favourite TV shows, food subscription boxes and talk about candles all the time! I think its nice to switch up my content sometimes because while I do love beauty, its great to talk about some different topics! I do struggle to come up with lifestyle blog post ideas so I know others might too, here at 50 ideas to help you get started!
50 Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas
1. Candle Reviews 
2. Baking Recipes 
3. Favourite TV Shows 
4. DIY's
5. Bucket List 
6. 20 Facts About You 
7. How You Stay Organised With Blogging 
8. How You Edit Blog Photos/Instagrams 
9. Book Reviews 
10. Restaurants Reviews/ To Try
11. Saving Money Tips/Advice 
12. Whats On Your iPhone 
13. Blogs & Instagram's to Follow
14. Realistic Morning Routine 
15. Monthly Reflection (favourite things you did from that month, things you achieved etc)
16. Best Free Kindle Books 
17. Interview a Blogger (this would be a mini series) 
18. Q&A
19. Movie Reviews 
20. Staying Motivated Tips 
21. Health Meal Recipes 
22. Life Goals 
23. Room Tour
24. Talk about Pop Culture/ Whats in the Media 
25. Homeware on a Budget 
26. Favourite Childhood Memories 
27. Your Pet Peeves 
28. Favourite Vloggers 
29. Blog Planning 
30. Photography Tips & Tricks 
31. Advice to Younger Self 
32. Your Spotify Playlist 
33. Favourite Quotes 
34. Your Guilty Pleasures 
35. Recently Watched on Netflix 
36. Candle Favourites 
37. Chat about Your Hobbies 
38. Everyday Jewellery 
39. Favourite Blogging Apps 
40. A Day in the Life 
41. Things We Don't Know About You 
42. Where You Find Inspiration 
43. Free Blogging Resources (images, fonts, planners etc)
44. Tell Us Why You Love Blogging 
45. Easy Ways to Stay Healthy (quick workouts, food prep help etc)
46. How To Stay Productive (I would love to read this post!!)
47. Not Worth the Hype
48. Seasonal Wishlists (homeware, clothing, beauty - a little bit of everything!)
49. A List of Blogging Chats with Times & Days etc.
50. How to Make the Most Out of Social Media 



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