Totally Tarty Licious Wax Melts

For my birthday my Mum got me two of the Totally Tarty Licious Wax Melts which I had never heard of before but I am very impressed! Totally Tarty Licious is a homemade tart company based in Suffolk, UK. The fragrances are their favourite US and UK fragrances from bakery to fruity scents, there are so many to try! Totally Tarty Licious Wax Melts
I received the Blackberry Fizz and Rainbow Sherbet scents, both of which are similar yet delicious! Having had a look at the website, I cant seem to be able to find a recommended amount of fragrance time but personally I would say they are similar to Yankee Candle and I get around 8-10 hours of fragrance out of each of the wax melts. If you haven't used a wax melt before, as they have no wick they need to be heated to release the scent. This can be done by using a melt warmer, I personally have an electric one but you can get one at a very low price, to be used with a tea light. 

These two scents have been two of my favourite scents which I have used over the past month. Blackberry Fizz has fruity notes of blackberry, strawberry and pomegranate with citrus middle notes of mandarin, grapefuirt and lime. Finally with a base note of bamboo. To me I can definitely smell the elements of blackberry and strawberry along with all of the fruity and citrus deliciousness. Rainbow Sherbet is an incredible scent and I will have to repurchase this as soon as possible. Rainbow Sherbet is a mouthwatering fragrance of lime, pineapple, orange and raspberry. This scent 100% smells like the sherbet I had as a child. This scent is one of the USA imported scents. 

Since using both of these I noticed that they kicked off so much more scent on the first melt so I would recommend using these when you will be at home for the day so you can get the most out of the melts. But after the first melt, you still get a good kick off of scent, it is just slightly lighter than the first. I would say I got at least 8 hours out of each melt which I think is brilliant for the price, they are only £1 each! 

All of the Totally Tarty Licious Melts are available from £1, if you spent £5+ you get free delivery - HERE.



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